REVISED 10/21/2011
‐ added "color" options for Up/Down Swings
‐ added more moving averages to the list
‐ added improved algorithm to smooth out the flat spots in the plot where the smaller time frame kept creating bars and the larger time frame had not.
Now the moving average plots in a smooth line.

Multi‐time frame indicator.
Allows you to plot moving averages from different time frames on one single chart. (xc is short for "cross chart") MovAvg

‐ Selectable by moving average (SMA, HMA, EMA, WMA)
‐ Selectable by alternate chart type (Minute, Tick, Range)
‐ Configurable plots...(color, width, dashstyle)
‐ Configurable by'Input" (Close, Open, High, Low, Median)

Calculates in alternate chart time frame, but plots in current chart time frame...so it should work regardless of whether current chart is smaller or larger time frame than the "alternative" chart time frame.

NOTE: When plotting a moving average from 'higher' time frame onto a smaller time frame chart
(Ex: 5min average on a 1 minute chart),
the moving average line will have 'flat spots'. This is normal.
The smaller time frame chart plots more often than the higher time frame, so the data handed down from xcMovAvg will be 'flat' until the next higher time frame candle period forms.
(see example).

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