Places trade targets ruler on chart and calculates risk/reward/position sizing for trade planning, review and management.

‐ Middle mouse button click above/below any bar shows ruler for long/short respectively

‐ Middle mouse button click on vertical line of a showing ruler, erases the ruler.

‐ Shift‐Middle mouse button sets entry line

‐ Control‐Middle mouse button sets stop line

‐ Alt‐Middle mouse button sets target line

‐ The same mouse key on a showing line, erases that line

‐ Control‐Alt‐Shift Middle mouse button erases all lines

‐ Multiple entries, stops and target lines are allowed

If no entry/stop/target lines are explicitly set, then they are defaulted to high/low/close of the associated candle.

To change position sizing calculations:

‐ Change AcctSize, AcctRisk, and FixedShares user parameters

‐ or specify them in input boxes on the chart as follows:

100 => means trade a fixed size of 100 shares/contracts

100$ => means max stop loss size is $100

2% => means risk only 2% of AcctSize

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