Toolbar To Toggle On/Of Drawings, Indicators, Trade Markers, And Wicks

Updated: March 12th, 2017

This is an indicator that adds a toolbar to the main menu area of each chart window. It will add 4 buttons to every tab in the window to perform the following functions:

A button to toggle on / off all drawing items in the currently selected tab by switching "visible = true / false"
A button to toggle on / off all indicators in the currently selected tab by switching "visible = true / false"
A button to toggle on / off trade markers in the currently selected tab
A button to toggle on / off candlestick wicks (tails) in the currently selected tab

There are also hotkeys:
CTRL + ~ = Hide wicks
CTRL + d = Hide all drawings
CTRL + h = Hide currently selected drawing

UPDATED 3/12/17:
CTRL + SHIFT + CLICK = Hide currently selected drawing
Added zoom in / out via CTRL + mouse wheel scroll up / down
Added option to color cross hair labels of active chart to make it easier to see which chart your mouse is over

My disclaimer: I am not a professional programmer, so use this at your own risk. I have been using it on my charts now for several months with no issue, but there is no guarantee that it is entirely free of bugs.

I only ask that if someone who IS a professional programmer modifies and improves this indicator that they contact me to share their updates.


Created By armybender
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 02/20/2017
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