Slow Rsi

April proposed and Slow RSI of J M Wilder's Version proposed in 1978. Now I am sharing my version.

The SRSI is calculated using the following formula:
SRSI = 100 ‐ [100/(1+SRS)]
SRS = Average positive difference
/Average negative difference
‐‐‐>The SRSI measures the strength of a security relative to a sixday EMA
‐‐‐>The closing price is used for this EMA. The difference is positive when the close is above the six‐day EMA
‐‐‐>Positive difference = [Close ‐Moving average]
‐‐‐>Difference is negative when the close is below the six‐day EMA
‐‐‐>Negative difference = [Moving average ‐ Close]
‐‐‐>Negative difference values are expressed as positive values, not negative values
‐‐‐>If the closing price equals the six‐day EMA, then difference = 0 (no change).

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