SimplePOC – Non TickReplay POC Script Use

20220523 Update:
Additional User Inputs:

  • POC Start Display Timespan On Bar (in milliseconds)
  • POC End Display Timespan On Bar (in milliseconds)
  • POC Dash Width
  • POC Bars Back limit


Instruction to "hide" The Regular Volume Panel:

  • Indicators > SimplePOC > Properties > Visual
    • Panel > Same As Input Series
    • Scale Justification > Overlay​​​​​​
  • Indicators > SimplePOC > Properties > Plots
    • CombinedVolume > Color > Transparent

This indicator is a 1st modification of NinjaTrader_Jim's

  • The Script Display The POC "inside" the Candles (with a White Dash)
  • It also Displays The Regular Volume in a secondary Panel (Hash PlotStyle added)
  • It works in Realtime Only:
    • it Displays the POC for non TickReplay Brokers from within the last 10 seconds of the bar window and on
    • no "Historical" POC Display
    • no "Kept Data" Upon Chart Refresh
Created By PaulMohn
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date(s) 05/17/2022
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