Sample Trade Idea For Onbarupdate Trailing Stop

This is a simple strategy to show what I mean about using a percentage trailing stop to trigger some other exit condition. I use a flag because if my trailing stop is hit I need to work this exit even if the price is later on ABOVE the trailing stop.

This is a simple stochastic entry. Then there is a percentage trailing stop. When this is hit, I then wait for a stochastic exit signal. I have a safety trailing stop twice the size of the OnBarUpdate trailing stop, in case there is no move in my favor for this stochastic exit. The idea is if I don't get my stochastic exit after the OnBarUpdate trailing stop, I can bail on this trade.

This is a demonstration strategy and does not work all that well for trading. This concept can be used nicely within other current trading ideas. Every penny counts.

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Create Date 07/14/2010
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