Profittargettrailingstop_1.01B Trailing Stop Strategy Framework

Adds a Stop Limit, Profit Target and Trailing Stop that advances on close of bar or every tick according to CalculateOnCloseOfBar true or false within your auto trade strategy.
It is a simple implementation that tries to emulate the ATM trailing stop 1st level.
I am currently working on a 3 level trailing stop to emulate the full ATM trailing stop tool.

Thanks to the example provided on this forum I was able to rewrite as a switch statement and implement a stoplimit as well as a trailing stop.

SetStopLoss() function as the vehicle for both the stop limit and the trailing stop.
SetProfitTarget() function for profit target.

Chris Long

7-8-2020 Changed from CalculateOnBarClose = true to CalculateOnBarClose = false and set Trace Orders to false

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Create Date 07/13/2010
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