Pivots W Zones….(Standard Nt Pivot With Zones Added)

Coded at the request of a Ninja forum member......

Base code is the standard Ninja 7 Pivots Indicator.

Enhancements include the addition of a configurable "zone" around each of the pivots.

‐ General Parameters: This zone uses the same color/length parameters of the Pivot Line....so changing the Pivot Line (color/length) will make the same change to the zone.
‐ Zone Size: The zone is configurable by 'ticks'...adding the # of tick you enter in the indicator, both above and below the Pivot line. (Ex: entering 4 ticks will create an 8‐tick zone...4 ticks below and 4 ticks above the Pivot Line)
‐ Zone Opacity: The opacity of the zone is configurable as well. Low values make the zone 'light' and easy to see thru. Higher values make the zone darker and more opaque.

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