Ninja Historical Data Date Modifier

Useful if you have a friend that has tick data or min data that you do not have and lives in a different time zone. Have your friend export the data and send to you.

Before you import you will need to change the timestamps on the tick or min txt files to your timeZone (so add or subtract x hours) because Ninja exports data based on local time zone

That where this tool comes in handy...simply tell it how many hours you want to adjust the file by and where the file is.

it will create a new file in the same directory as the original with the needed time adjustments.

I tried to make this run on a background process, but i dont think it is working properly. However the files are converted properly even if your form hangs or become non responsive. It will clear up when process completes.

written in with visual studio 2008
all source files included
exe is in the bin/release folder

it takes about 5‐10 min to process 2.5 million records

Created By Laserdan
NinjaTrader Version 7
File Size 62.1 KB
Create Date(s) 07/13/2010
# of Downloads 195

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