Multy-Thread Ninjascript Code Example.

I am not experienced programmer, but I making a lot of market statistics using NT for myself.

Once I decided to use both cores of my laptop for lingering calculations, I found out that most examples cause NinjaScript errors or very complicated for my simple practical tasks.

At least, I found working code, that suits by it simplicity and minimalism. And I sharing it here.

This strategy create 2 massives of random double values. Lenght of massives (N) is one only parameter of this strategy.

Then strategy calculates control sum of both massives using resource‐intensive algorithm.

At first, control sum calculates using 2 new threads, than it calculate using ussual serial method.

Strategy print calculation time and control sum in output window.


1) Additional threads read and write to global variables (I know this is wrong, but it is work quick).
2) You can't access to arrays (like int[] i) from additional thread, You have to use List.

For experienced programmers: please, don't read this description and don't look in attached strategy.

Created By fx.practic
NinjaTrader Version 7
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Create Date(s) 06/30/2013
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