Modification of the NT* RiskReward drawing tool: display risk and reward ticks

Attached is a modification of the Risk Reward drawing tool from NT8. In addition to the functions of the tool, it also displays reward and risk in points/ticks. You may want to consider replacing the default RiskReward drawing tool in order to add this function. In order to achieve this, just add the few code lines in the render section commented "//take to RiskReward app" and copy and paste them into the script Riskreward at the respective locations. The Riskreward script is in the folder C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\DrawingTools. Please note that this functionality will get lost with a program update, because @apps are system apps.

I modified the default NT Risk Reward drawing tool in order to display reward and risk in points/ticks. Now, this updated version calculates also the maximum shares/contracts to meet the predetermined maximum risk of the trade (% or dollar amount of the account size). To adjust the tick size in terms of dollar cents specific of the instrument, please modify the respective parameter in the properties section.

You may want to consider replacing the default Risk Reward drawing tool with this script. In order to achieve this, rename the script file RiskRewardAB3.cs to
@RiskReward.cs and move it where the original NT-provided app is located: C:Users<user name>DocumentsNinjaTrader 8inCustomDrawingTools.
Please note to uncomment the lines labeled with "//please uncomment for replacing the native NT RiskReward app" and comment out the lines labeled with "//please comment out for replacing the native NT RiskReward app".
For safety, please keep a copy of the original @RiskReward.cs file somewhere else. Also, please be aware that the new script will be lost by updating the
NT program, because @apps are system apps.

Created By jazzytrumpet
NinjaTrader Version 8
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Create Date 11/01/2021
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