Market Reminders

Indicator prints unlimited number of user defined reminders on the occurring bars on the chart. Also works on historical bars. I mainly use it to remind me of scheduled Economic Reports, and other miscellaneous times, and daily tasks. Reminders list only has to be entered once. An unlimited number of reminders can be used. Use '' to insert a new line in the displayed text.

Schedule is in the following format, one line per entry, in 24 hour military time:

Example: THU @ 08:25 Jobless Claims report => Every Thursday at 8:25am, print the specified text on the chart
Example: 3rd THU @ 09:55 Philly Fed Report => 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:55am, print the specified text on the chart

Sample entry list:

WED @ 10:25 Crude Oil Inventory Report
THU @ 08:25 Jobless Claims report
1st FRI @ 08:25 Unemployment report
3rd THU @ 09:55 Philly Fed Report
4th TUE @ 09:55 Consumer Confidence


Daily @ 07:00 London Session Lunch
Daily @ 09:30 New York Open
Daily @ 16:00 Market Close
Nov 11 @ 02:10 Bernanke Talks
1st Day of Month @ 9:55 ISM Mfg Index
2nd Thu of March @ 8:00 Contract Rollover

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