Rewrite of the MACrossBuilder

1) Various Moving averages: DEMA, EMA, LinReg, HMA, SMA, TEMA, TMA, VWMA, WMA, ZLEMA
2) Various indication options
3) Can output to alerts window
4) Can output to Market Analyzer (+1, 0, ‐1 = Cross up, No cross, cross down)
5) Colors region between Moving averages

V1.02 Update 10‐31‐17, minor code change and allow use in indicator panel.
V1.03 Update 01‐11‐18, added full price type support for each Moving average (Open, High, Low, Close, typical, median, weighted, default is Close)
V1.04 Update 01‐29‐18, when selecting slow EMA, DEMA was actually used, fixed in this version.
V1.05 ‐ Update 01‐30‐18, found/fixed bug when loading into market analyzer, caused by 1.02 change for chart panels.
V1.06 ‐ Update 05‐30‐18, Added LinReg to both moving average selection types.

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Create Date 06/28/2017
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