James Sibbet Demand Index

Converted from Version 7 Indicator provided by forum user nkhoi

The Demand Index is complex technical indicator developed by James Sibbet that involves over 20 columns of data, but the goal is to provide a ratio of buying pressure to selling pressure. Traders can use this information as a leading indicator of where a security's price may be headed over the near‐term and the long‐term.

Sibbet's Six Rules

James Sibbet established six rules for using the Demand Index when the technical indicator was originally published. While traders may use variations of these rules, they serve as a great baseline for using the technical indicator in practice.

The six rules are:

A divergence between the Demand Index and price is a bearish indication.

Prices often rally to new highs following an extreme peak in the Demand Index.

Higher prices with a low Demand Index often indicates a top in the market.

The Demand Index moving through the zero line suggests a change in trend.

The Demand Index remaining near zero indicates a weak price movement that won't last very long.

A large long‐term divergence between the Demand Index and price indicators a major top or bottom.

Cleaned up code, resolved issue where if the indicator started processing on a range bar with 0 volume it would not plot

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