Initial Balance + Extensions (v1.3)

Simple Initial Balance (IB) indicator. Can optionally draw up to three customizable IB extensions (defaults are 1.5x, 2x and 3x).
Configurable start / end times for the Initial Balance period (defaults to 9:30AM-10:30AM). It is not timezone aware - all times are considered local time.
Also displays IB Range and historical median range.

Update 01/20/2023

  • Added Opening Range (30 seconds)
  • Added Session Mid

Bug fix: Uploading zip exported from recent NT8 version.

Bugfix: Removed unused "using" references.

Update (v1.1)

  • Updated to calculate and render IB based on Ninjatrader's bar timestamp idiosyncrasy.
  • New option to render current IB only.
  • Optional price markers (IBHigh, IBLow etc) on right edge of screen.
  • Exposed IB values as indicator properties that can be used in strategies.

Update (v1.2)​ June 20, 2023

  • Added configuration item to choose between Full and Minimal modes
  • Turned off Opening Range calculation by default
  • New configuration option to choose the number of historical IBs to calculate (defaults to 15 days, maxes out at 365)

Update (v1.3) February 14, 2024

  • Added fourth IB extension (Default extensions now are 1.25x, 1.5x, 2.0x and 3.0x)
  • Session, IB and OR durations are configurable using HH:MM:SS specifications.
    • Initial Balance duration can now be specified as 01:00:00 (1 hour, 0 minutes, 0 seconds).
    • Opening Range duration can now be specified as 00:03:00 (0 hours, 3 minutes, 0 seconds) for a 3-minute opening range (default is 30 seconds)
    • Session duration can now be specified to start at 06:00 PM and have a duration of 08:30:00 (8 hours, 30 minutes, 0 seconds) resulting in a session/IB (plot) that starts at 06:00 PM and ends at 02:30 AM the next day.
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