Holidays and Reports Indicator for NT8

Holidays and Reports indicator will mark holidays and report dates/times on charts. It can also be used in strategies to set rules for special days. The default calendar strings load US market holidays and reporting days for 2018 and 2019.


Paint Background: Color the chart background to mark holidays/reports

Show Holidays: Indicate holidays should be marked
Holidays: Calendar string in the format "YYYY:M-D,M-D,...,YYYY:M-D,M-D..."
Holiday Offset (Hours): Offset the holiday by this many hours. A value of 0 will mark the calendar day. If you want to mark from the previous day's market close to the holiday market close, use a negative value. For example, if the market closes at 3pm in bars time a value of -9 (9 hours before midnight) will start the holiday when the market closes the day before the holiday.

Show Report Periods: Indicate report periods should be marked
Report Days: Calendar string in the format "YYYY:M-D,M-D,...,YYYY:M-D,M-D..."
Report Block Hours: Time span to mark for reports in the format HH:MM-HH:MM

Strategy/Programmatic use:

The default calendar strings can be accessed using Indicators.HolidaysAndReports.HolidayCalendarStrin g and Indicators.HolidaysAndReports.ReportsCalendarStrin g

If Holiday[0] or ReportPeriod[0] contain any value the bar is in a holiday period or report period.

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