Elliott Wave manual drawing tool

Elliott Wave Manual Drawing Tools (based on Ninjatrader Path Tools)

  1. Import into Ninjatrader; it will be shown on the drawing toolbar menu.
  2. Click open the Ninjatrader drawing toolbar (pencil icon) and select Ewave (best to assign a hot key for quick access).
  3. Draw 3 waves:
    1. use mouse to draw – each left button mouse click creates a wave.
    2. at the end of wave-3, double-click (mouse left button) to complete the drawing; right button click to abandon.
    3. Select the wave and double-clicked again to expose the dialog; change wave-degree, type, line properties to suit.
  4. Draw 5 waves:
    1. same as for drawing 3 waves but double-click at the end of wave-5 instead; alternately a single-click after wave-5 would also complete the wave.
  5. Wave ratio display can be On/Off.
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  3. Select the downloaded file from your desktop


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