ECO2New2 for NinjaTrader 8

V1.1 - Fixed Plot Overflow problem. Code was not skipping enough warm-up bars and was getting an overflow on some charts
- now skips 10 bars
Adapted from Blau's Momentum/Direction/Divergence by Zoltan (Wes S.)
// Formula for Candlestick oscilator from Blaus book is
// EMA(EMA(close-open),r),s)
// CSI(r,s)= 100 x --------------------------
// EMA(EMA(high-low),r),s)
// The 'Ergodic' version adds a signal line, which is a 5 bar ema of the CSI
Trading Ergodics with the Trend - Rules
1. Enter or hold the position only when the slope of ECO2New2 Signal line has the same direction as the trend
2. Stand aside when the slope of ECO2N ew2 Signal Line is in the opposite direction of trend
3. Enter or exit position when ECO 2New2 and its Signal Line cross
4. Take note when the ECO2New2 is 'inside' it's the signal line. This indicates failing momentum
This is what the magenta dot signifies

Any Doubt please contact the original Author.

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