Cumulative Delta – Region Highlight

**Updated Version. Highlight region now includes all customizable features found on the Order Flow Cum Delta

Now includes:

  • Delta Type
  • Period (Session/Bar)
  • Size Filter​

Highlights region based on values from NT8 Order Flow Cumulative Delta Indicator.

--This requires Ninja Trader Lifetime License for it to work. --
Must match both indicators for it to work. See Pic attached or video explanation!

Watch this video for setup explanation: >> (Updates for this version 1.1 not shown in video but works the same way. Match on both indicators!)

Customizable options include:

  • Delta Type
  • Period (Session/Bar)
  • Size Filter​

-Select the period which is to be highlighted. (Upper and Lower levels)

-Select a Line to match these levels in order to get a visual of the levels.

-Use either the Closing number of the candle (Or most recent price on current candle) to determine area to be highlighted. Or, use the High and Low of the candles to determine area to be highlighted.

-User can customize color and opacity of highlighted region. As well as whether to color just over the indicator or the chart as well.

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