Advanced Reward Risk Indicator

This indicator helps you define your entry, stop and target (1 or 3) visually on the chart with the help of horizontal lines, calculates your potential P/L ,unrealized P/L,Risk/Reward ratio and contracts sizing per account size.

Once started click on the chart 3 times there where you think your values will be appropriate , then shift the lines as needed and save the changes.

- Defines your Risk/Reward ratio using 1 or 3 targets
- Save & reload your values,be it minute,daily or weekly chart (One set of values per instrument)
- Interactive Mode: per-tick P/L based on the chosen contracts size
- Interactive Mode-Attached: per tick potential P/L
- Non-Interactive : Contract sizing is based on the defined risk per account size
- Hide/show the indicator as required & show/hide on start-up
- Extended or short lines

Last updated on April 16 2014 "Major changes"
- Indicator's parameters text description on the top left of the plot reduced
- Potential P/L is calculated based on 1 contract in non-interactive mode
- Enter to targets potential P/L bug fixed
- Visual structure is changed for three-targets mode
- Line width is now adjustable
- Beam pointer added when short lines are used
- Forex price format corrected (6E,6J...)
- Short lines distance from last bar bug fixed
- 1 or 3 target lines
- Choose between Short& Extended lines
- Pixel distance is used now
- Colors are now configurable
- $ sign removed
- Show on start-up option added
- The code was rewritten from 0 almost

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NinjaTrader Version 7
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Create Date 04/10/2014
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